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business intelligence pillarsWhy you need it

According to many industry experts, more than 60 percent of BI deployments fail and are not adopted!

Today, a BI deployment is dependent upon three pillars:

  • Vendor Support—is great when you have an error code that needs addressing, but entering the realm of rapid instruction on “how to” or “why does this not happen”—not so fun. In addition, most support organizations use slow ticket-based systems. How does this help on a Friday afternoon with a looming deadline?

  • Training—has its place, but onsite sessions are often costly and generic, and with changing personnel, the knowledge acquired is often lost. And Webinars can be cumbersome and boring. Let’s face it, nobody is grabbing popcorn in anticipation of enduring an eight-hour Webinar.

  • Consulting Companies—don’t want anything short of a one-week engagement at a high hourly rate. Also, let’s not forget that you’re going to incur travel and other expenses if it’s onsite. In addition, many consultants hire a regional freelancer outside the company for support sessions.

While each of these “pillars” has a real and valuable place in successful BI implementations, we at Instant Access believe:

  • BI adoption happens “in the moment” with the user’s own data
  • Adoption has to happen before the user gives up and goes back to their old habits
  • Instant Access creates more productive users, making your operations more efficient
  • It works, it’s affordable, and most importantly, it gives you the results you’ve always wanted


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