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Who We Are

Backed by the business intelligence experts at Dallas-based WCI Consulting, Instant Access has evolved out of WCI’s 13 years of experience in assisting BI customers with the challenge of “getting data to their decision makers.”

Through that experience, the WCI team witnessed first-hand the challenges that accompany the implementation and adoption of BI tools across an enterprise.

They learned that the best method to ensure successful and consistent end-user adoption is by providing personal mentorship from a knowledgeable BI expert while the user is “in the trenches.”

Thus, Instant Access was formed as an affordable and highly effective means to deliver BI efficiency to companies of all shapes and sizes.

We’re here to help you. So get started today.

Key Management Bios

Marty Carney

Marty Carney is president and chief executive officer of WCI Consulting and Instant Access. After more than a decade of experience in the business intelligence industry, Marty noticed that traditional BI support approaches had become expensive and ineffective overall. So he decided to create a new support model with Instant Access that provides an affordable Consulting-as-a-Service (CaaS) approach and delivers BI instruction at a user’s point-of-need.

Chris Hagans Chris Hagans is vice president of operations. A seasoned BI veteran, he has supervised thousands of BI implementations for companies of all shapes and sizes, and he knows what elements make a BI project succeed or fail. With Instant Access, he will ensure that the resources and knowledge base are always in place to ensure end-user success and adoption.
Jerry Schweiger Jerry Schweiger is vice president of service delivery. He too has worked on thousands of BI implementations from the ground up for more than 10 years. With Instant Access, he will work with organizations to ensure they have the right support strategy in place to ensure success and maximize end-user adoption.


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