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Instant Access WCI Consulting
Chat   Is your company lacking widespres BI end-user adoption?

For Organizations

Business Intelligence tools can improve efficiency and enhance productivity. But if they are not adopted consistently throughout an organization, the solution will not deliver the expected benefits.

More than 60 percent of BI failures can be attributed to lack of end-user adoption, which typically results from inadequate training and support. Traditional training, help-desk and consulting models don’t provide an effective and affordable solution. Nor does adding more BI tools to your arsenal.

Enter Instant Access.

  • Instant Access provides instant instruction and mentorship that leads to wide-spread end-user adoption and delivers results quicker so you can move on to other priorities
  • The program includes chat- and phone-based instruction for many issues
  • It can also provide a BI expert onsite for an extended period to give personal instruction on more complex issues
  • There are no service levels or support tickets—instruction happens instantly
  • Consulting-as-a-Service (CaaS) subscription-based model provides affordable pricing, and is a fraction of the cost of traditional training and support methods
  • Instant Access maximizes BI knowledge for end-users, increasing both adoption and the quality of results
  • Provides help, support and knowledge base for BI platforms, including SAP® BusinessObjects™
  • Chat is seemlessly integrated into your business intelligence application. Click here to view a screenshot.