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Instant Access WCI Consulting
Chat   It's Friday afternoon and you need help. Where do you turn?

For Individuals

It’s Friday afternoon, and your boss is flying out to an important client meeting on Monday morning. You don’t remember how to efficiently use your company’s new business intelligence (BI) tool to create a report with the specific details the client requires. Is your BI trainer available at this hour? Can a help desk provide the appropriate answer?

Instant Access provides a real, affordable solution to this problem.

  • Consulting-as-a-Service (CaaS) subscription-based model provides affordable pricing, and is a fraction of the cost of traditional training and support methods
  • It’s not tech support, so there are no service levels—it happens instantaneously, without tickets
  • A live consultant is available via chat or phone for instruction and mentorship
  • You will achieve your deliverable while learning how to manage specific situations on your own in the future
  • By maximizing your BI Knowledge, Instant Access increases the quality of your results and you don't have to search for an answer
  • Provides help, support and knowledge base for BI platforms, including SAP® BusinessObjects™
  • Chat is seamlessly integrated into your business intelligence application. Click here to view a screenshot.