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Instant Access WCI Consulting
Chat   Access to BI pros via instant chat.

How it works

End-user adoption of business intelligence tools can’t depend on a single training session or Webinar. Users need a resource they can repetitively access at their points-of-need—a BI informant that can provide quick instruction, while teaching the user how to “fish” on their own in the future.

That solution is now available with Instant Access.

  • Instantaneous interaction with a North American-based BI professional via live chat. No tickets, no waiting
  • Chat is seamlessly integrated into your business intelligence application. Click here to view a screenshot.
  • Your success is our priority, so if chatting doesn’t provide a solution, then we’ll call you
  • If phone support doesn’t work then we’ll fly out and meet with you in person
  • An affordable, Consulting-as-a-Service (CaaS) financial model that enhances end-user adoption and increases BI efficiency
  • Provides help, support and knowledge base for BI platforms, including QlikTech and SAP® BusinessObjects™
  • Powered by the BI experts at WCI Consulting


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