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Instant Access WCI Consulting
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Common Questions

How does security work with Instant Access Chat?

We use a chat program that communicates with our offices via HTTPS. The sessions are secure and logged with the chat platform. The chat feature is accessed via a personal Web page, once the chat is initiated all traffic is routed using HTTPS.

What kind of reporting features are provided?

We will provide you, on a quarterly basis, reports to detail out the following: Number of Chats, average length of Chats, Chats by time period, Chats by individuals and Type of problems worked on during the chat sessions. We also have an archive of all chats performed, if the need arises to review specific problems or interaction. This can also be used by customers to target their future training efforts and provide valuable insights on how your end users are adopting your Business Intelligence tools/strategy.

What technology allows Instant Access Experts to share their screens?

If screen sharing is necessary, we will request a meeting session with your operator. We will send the login info via the chat session. We use premier and widely used meeting and presentation sharing software. If you have any questions, please reach out. This of course, is of no cost to you.

Hours of Operation?

Instant Access is available during normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in your local time zone. We can be available at other times, or for extended hours. If this is of interest to you, please feel free to ask about our options for extended service. For extended hours, some of our clients have even asked us to take on 24/7 support for their BI platform.

What BI Platforms are supported today?

Currently Instant Access is available for QlikTech and SAP BusinessObjects.

Instant Access is seamlessly integrated into Business Intelligence applications so you can interact with our knowledgeable consultants whenever it’s most convenient for you. Click here to view a screenshot.

What does Instant Access Cost?

Instant Access is offered in three versions (For Individuals, For Organizations, For Your Customers). The contracts are generally annual. If an organization has three or more people who’d like individual access we recommend contacting us to discuss the ‘For Organizations’ / ‘For Your Customers’ pricing in order to come up with a cost-effective solution for your group.

What are the Instant Access Plans & Features?

Click on the image below for a close up of the plans & features table.

Can Instant Access be integrated into my BI Platform?

Yes, at no additional cost, an Instant Access expert will work with you to integrate the solution into your BI Platform (see supported platforms) so that your users can hit the ‘Instant Access’ button for help without having to keep browser bookmarks.

Are there costs if an Instant Access Expert decides to call you?

No, if one our experts decides it would be quicker and better to pick up the phone, we pick up those charges.

Can Instant Access provide more help?

Yes. Instant Access can provide customer onsite/remote training and implementation services for the BI platforms that we support. Our team will assist you in putting together training programs that include Instant Access so that your users can do training and walk away with Instant Access so they can try what they learned and get ‘in the moment’ help if they get stuck. If you have more detailed projects (for example data warehouse/dashboard projects) where you’d like us to take on doing the work, we’ll draw up a project plan with you and produce the result that you want (on time and on budget).


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