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Instant Access WCI Consulting
Chat   Many demanding customers and not enough BI portal support?

For Your Customers

Your company needs to provide reports to customers and external users via a Web portal, but what happens if a client wants to customize a report or manipulate the available data to better serve their information needs?

The IT director can’t hire more staff to serve as customer support, and the in-house IT team has its plate full keeping the company’s systems running smoothly. What if someone else could provide real-time support for customers when they needed it?

If this sounds like you, your firm and your customers, then Instant Access can help you.

  • Instant Access provides your customers with the assistance they need to use your BI portal effectively
  • There are no service levels or tickets required. Instruction happens via live chat or phone instantaneously
  • BI experts will guide customers through the process of creating, viewing and managing reports
  • Instant Access becomes your North American-based customer service team, freeing IT staff for other priorities
  • With a Consulting-as-a-Service (CaaS) pricing model that affordably matches the scope of your BI implementation, the results are fast answers and satisfied customers
  • Provides help, support and knowledge base for BI platforms, including SAP® BusinessObjects™
  • Chat is seemlessly integrated into your business intelligence application. Click here to view a screenshot.